Our Fully Delivered Service

The Discover Christmas service is one based on minimal hassle. For those of you who would love to have a real Christmas tree this festive season, but perhaps do not have a means of collection, or indeed, the time to do so – the Discover Christmas team are here to help!

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Simply order your luxury tree (cut, container grown or rental) online or over the phone (deposit payment required) (as early on as you like) and we’ll do all the hard work for you.

Once your order has been placed and a preferred delivery period selected, Chris or Alasdair will be in touch closer to the time to arrange a specific delivery window. With your tree on board, we will arrive at your chosen location and not just ‘drop-off’ the tree, but take your tree to its stand (payment of remaining balance due on delivery). (Of course, clearing up our mess as we leave!)

As an optional extra on cut trees, Discover Christmas also offers a recycling service. Following the festivities, your tree may start to outstay its welcome – it is time for it to go! In a reverse procedure, we will arrive on a pre-booked date to collect your tree from its stand, to then pass it through our woodchipper. In the spirit of ‘green recycling’ these chippings will then be offered back, packaged in a paper bag, perhaps to be used in the garden – or may be taken away for larger scale recycling along with our tree surgery waste.

All prices are for our fully delivered service (within a 15 mile radius of Cirencester, Glos.).

Please follow this link in order to check whether you are situated within our designated delivery radius.

If you fall outside of our delivery radius, all is not lost... Please do get in touch – additional charges may apply.


1. Order online or over the phone
   (deposit payment required)

2. Delivery window arranged

3. Delivery to your chosen location – right to the tree stand
    (payment of remaining balance due on delivery)

4. Enjoy Christmas :)

5. Recycling visit (optional extra on cut trees) – collected from the tree stand

6. Tree passed through woodchipper – chippings offered back or taken away
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